The Amputee Football National team of Liberia could not afford to return home from fifth edition of the Africa Cup of Nations for Amputee Football empty handed.

The Amputee Lone Star on Friday, October 11, came from a goal down to defeat Tanzania 2-1 in the Third-Place Final if the tournament at the NAC Benguela Stadium in Angola.

Liberia conceded a goal in the early minutes of the first half, putting Tanzania in the lead, but the youthful Amputee Lonestar did not give up on their opponents.

Striker Matthew Joe, highest goal scorer on the Amputee Lonestar, was again the star player after he scored a brace in the closing minutes of the game to help Liberia emerge as Third-Place winners. Striker Joe, 22, was also the star player in Liberia’s final round robin against Sierra Leone where he scored the lone in the 1-1 draw to secure a spot for Liberia in the semifinals.

Striker Matthew Joe

Liberia did not progress to the Final after they suffered a 1-0 defeat against world champions Angola on Thursday, October 5.

Meanwhile, head coach Victor Benson expressed gratitude to his players for their accomplishment in the tournament, noting that is satisfied to have won the bronze in the tournament with such a youthful team.